Mystic Messenger – Next Route

I am finally playing her route! This is the last route that I haven’t played yet. I am excited to finish going through all routes~ ^^

I am quite surprised by how much I am liking this route so far. Maybe it has to do with the new pictures I am seeing. I can also relate to some of the things talked about in this route…

This. When I saw this, I was laughing a bit too much. I can see why she wants to play that game. :’D I actually pictured how the game looked like~ Make the game for lols, 707! ^^

… I finally see this picture in game! @_@ I saw it on Tumblr and thought it happened in Yoosung’s route or Jumin’s route. When I never saw it there… I figured it was in Jaehee’s route. It wasn’t until I finished all the other routes that I found out I wanted to see quite a few things that are in Jaehee’s route! This was one of them… I am still waiting on the other two things~
… And a surprise call from 707…

Of course, I picked the first option. He rejected MC!!! QAQ If he plans to complain about not picking him later (in Jaehee’s route) then it is his fault! DX

Also, this makes me think 707 did something to this game. This is Jaehee’s route, but why are these my only options? :’D


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