Mystic Messenger – Casual Route Random Thoughts

It is really random!

I used the April Fool’s Button for a few days. It was funny at first, but I got tired of reading all the extra text that came with each line… ;;; Oops. I thought I would love to play the game to the end with April Fool’s button on at least once… I guess that wasn’t the case.

Anyways, I did get a little giggle when playing with it on~

Jaehee just revealed that she’s not human! *GASP* JK. This April Fool’s DLC… :’D
I remember someone talking about the reset theory and saying how the joke started in Casual Route. I got confused. I mean… more like, I didn’t realize or remember it too well. I saw the joke before I played the game… I think? Or I really just saw it in game, but forgot because the game was too new to me that I don’t notice these things. Anyways, the person pointed out that 707 pulled out the joke in Deep Route all of a sudden in a phone call and it was odd that he said it…

Well… I always wondered where he said it in Casual Route… Now that I finally replay the Casual Route, it makes more sense… (I mean I played the Casual Route for Yoosung, but I must have missed it somehow???)

I always thought it was the game design error for forgetting to include it in Deep Route. I guess it could also be intended for the reset theory (if it really was intended)….

When anyone get flirty in the route where I can’t pick them… I cry on the inside and possibly curse why I didn’t pick their route… :’D JK.

Anyways, Yoosung, IT IS TOO LATE! :< 😀


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