Mystic Messenger – April DLC 3rd Ending (Normal Ending)

Getting this ending was impossible for me… QAQ … I finally caved in and looked up a guide to get this ending. I tried to get this ending for a month already and I felt bad about getting all these free hourglasses in the process. (It was a month minus the 2 weeks I went on vacation. I still tried for many days before I gave up, though!) It felt as if I was cheating by failing to get this ending and replaying it over and over. I think I replayed this enough times to get over 50? 80? free hourglasses or something like that? I am not too sure because Cheritz also gave compensation hourglasses for updating… so I lost count of how many hourglasses I got replaying this DLC… I am in no way trying to cheat on gaining hourglass, but the feeling of using the max speed button (because I had already memorized the conversations) + getting a positive amount of hourglasses after each play through made me feel bad… EVEN THOUGH I SHOULDN’T FEEL THIS WAY! @A@

I was consciously choosing certain choices and mixing up my pattern here and there. I think this was exactly why I never got this ending. My mind was fixed into thinking I should pick certain options that I end up not picking the right choices. >_> ;;;

Anyways, this was such a struggle… I still can’t believe I couldn’t get the ending by myself…
***Spoilers Under the Cut!***

When I finally got the ending… I think I was a bit burnt out by this DLC… ;;;

I remember seeing spoilers on Tumblr about this ending, too. I already expected what the content was going to be like.

I was just glad that I finally got this ending, so that I could move onto another story/route. : x I am so sorry, Zen…

However, even at my burnt out state, I got to give props to this DLC. It did make me feel bad reading the ending visual novel. X_X

Zen… He really knows… QAQ We have to make do with pre-determined answers if we want to communicate. *Cough*Now I am talking as if he’s here.*Cough* This is the limit of these types of games… It’s also because Zen is a “robot” *cough* that the answers are fixed. Zen wouldn’t know how to react with other options other than the ones already set… :<

…………….. This must be Cheritz’s way of saying “keep playing Mystic Messenger. ^^” Ya… Well, guess what? IT IS WORKING! QAQ NOOOO! ZEN!!! I WILL PLAY YOUR ROUTE NEXT!

And, yes, I played his route next…. or attempted to. Except, I got busy and skipped too many wrong chatrooms. Then I got Bad Ending for Casual Route… 😀 … ;;;;;;;;; At least I got progress on collecting chatroom messages again… ;;;;

Welp… The next route I’m playing next is… well… sorry, Zen. I will get your normal ending one day!


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