Mystic Messenger – Jumin’s Route Good Ending

I finished this route like what? A month ago? :’D I didn’t have time to write about it… =A= ;

Anyways, it’s been so long that I forgot what I wanted to say. : x

This post is more of random thoughts of things I encountered while playing through this route. It is not necessarily strictly related to Jumin’s Good Ending.


***Spoilers Under the Cut!***


This is the highest score I got so far… It’s not hard anymore (or was it ever hard in the first place?) considering it’s the same answers over and over again. I memorized many of them by now…

I know this is Jumin’s route, but I can’t help but pay attention to this guy. QAQ

707, if I didn’t download just any app, how would I have met youuuu???? (I am now talking to imaginary people again.) Or is this a scheme to keep me from playing other otome games and be stuck with Mystic Messenger forever… Hmm…

While playing this route… I couldn’t help but feel like 707 was referencing an anime series…

“Grandpa’s reputation” … There was a detective series called The Kindaichi Case Files. In the series, the main character used a catchphrase whenever he encountered a mystery he needed to solve. He said something along the lines of “in the name of my grandfather” because his grandfather was a famous detective.

The reason I felt that 707 was referencing that series was because of words like “reasoning.” He was kind of “deducing” in a way? Those are words used in detective series.

Here is another screenshot. This should be more obvious…:

707 told Yoosung that he was”quite the detective” and also asked him who his grandfather was. When Yoosung answered seriously, 707 seemed to give a disappointed(?) reply. It’s like his joke was not understood or the point was missed. I really feel that he was referencing the Kindaichi series here! >_<

707 never fail to make me smile with his random jokes. :’D Or just these things that he says…

Picturing this scene in my head… Oh my… I want to see this actually play out. Sign me up in the audience seat. I WANT TO SEE THIS HAPPEN!!! XD I laughed so hard when I read this… Why can’t it be real?

I didn’t get this email before this route. When I got this, I was… shocked? Hmm… More like, amazed? I don’t even know how to describe my feelings. This 4th wall breaking… so many times. This one was especially funny. :’D What is Cheritz trying to tell us to do??? Marry our bae characters???

This is even more funny because *cough* I played this right before April Fool’s DLC. For those who didn’t know already, there is an infamous ending in the DLC regarding dimensions… and a bae character, of course. ; )

… I want to play like this, too. Let me join this! QAQ Why are these guys so fun to talk to?

This… was a bit creepy… I wasn’t sure how to react to this. The whole cage thing… like caging Elizabeth the 3rd… It was sad. >_< (Then he wanted to cage more… I’m like NOPE, NOPE, NOPE! I think I should be out of here!!! Except he caged MC anyway by making her stuck in his place… ._. I also wanted the Good Ending so I couldn’t say I wanted to leave… >A>;;; )

Though… it did remind me of another series called Amnesia… I didn’t play that game, but I watched the anime…

Just wanted to point out… 1 Zen was not enough.

… I never got Tom to join the party until this route… ……………….. HE IS REAL!!! All this time, 707 talked about him, but it was questionable if he was real… He felt made up because he never appeared… Now I know he is real and how he looks like!!!

And that’s it for this route! Ya… sorry… I was too focused on everything else that I didn’t really comment much on Jumin.

I felt quite distracted when I played his route. It was like how I felt when I played Yoosung’s route. I think after playing 707’s route, I can’t seem to pay attention to anyone else anymore? ._. ;;; It wasn’t even bad after I play Zen’s route (and I felt guilty for swapping to a different route after Zen! QAQ Sorry, Zen!).

Anyways, after playing this route, I went to play April Fool’s DLC. It was perfect timing, too.


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