Mystic Messenger – Rosuuri’s Merchandise

This was the first charm I bought online. This store was the store that got me to start buying Mystic Messenger merchandise because of their book “Hourglass.” Ironically, I couldn’t buy that book because it sold out on the first day! QAQ There was a picture I really like inside the book, but it is actually a guest art by someone else. The book comes with a charm, but that is limited quantity as well. Since I couldn’t buy the book, I made do with the charms they sold.

This arrived later even though I ordered it first. This is because it was pre-order.

This is the back of the charm. Contrary to the front of the charm, there really is a “back” part of the charm because of how the acrylic is shaped. The front have a smooth edge. The back’s edge is quite… pointy? Let’s just say it’s not smooth.

I bought 2 in case I lose one…

I need to comment on the packaging. I notice that while the other charms I got were from less popular artists, they packaged better than this one. This packaging didn’t come with a personalized note or fancy tape, etc. That’s fine. It’s just that the other shipments set such high expectation that when I received this package, I was slightly disappointed. It was understandable that they couldn’t package it in a fancy way either because they had to go through so many orders.

I do have an actual complaint about the packaging besides the personalizing part. The item came very scratched and I think it was due to the packaging or when it was being manufactured… (I think the scratch could have been avoided if it had a protective film like a few of the charms I received from other sellers.) The quality was underwhelming for the price. (This charm was considered on the expensive end compared to the other charms I bought due to the shipping cost, if I remember correctly.) It was especially so because I was able to compare this product with the other charms I already received.

Ignoring the bad qualities, the best part of the charm was that the art was beautiful and the charm looked and felt durable. I might buy more from this artist because their artwork really is worth it, but after this experience, I don’t know about expecting too much on the quality of their products.


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