Mystic Messenger – April Fools DLC Thoughts

I’ve played the April Fools DLC so many times that I lost count… I happen to read on Tumblr or Twitter a little hint on how to get the 3rd ending… Well, even with the hint, I still got Normal Ending??? QAQ Oh man… I am so confused. QwQ I hope I get the 3rd ending one day, but for now, I’ll just keep trying and hope for the best…

I’m a bit sad that the April Fools Theme button got removed. I know they said that it will only be there for a day, but I feel like a lot of us couldn’t make use of the theme. Some of us were busy on that specific day. Some of us didn’t even know it existed (because maybe hiatus from Mystic Messenger or just didn’t read Cheritz’s Twitter/Tumblr regarding this feature). Some were busy playing the April Fools DLC (*COUGH*ME*COUGH*) and the theme was only applied to the original story. For my case, I only hopped over to the original story to take a glance at the April Fools theme before I hopped right back to the April Fools DLC because I wanted the 3rd ending so badly. : x I think it would be fun to play through a story line with the theme. This means that for people who do not have enough hourglasses to skip to the next day, it’ll require having that theme for more than 1 day. Anyways, I hope that Cheritz change their mind and re-add the theme! I can only see benefits for keeping it. Some people were even saying they were willing to replay the game with the theme on. It feels like its a waste to not keep it since there is no downside (or at least I don’t see any downside to having an extra theme). Customization keeps games interesting, after all~


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