Mystic Messenger – April Fools Day Events

For April Fools, Cheritz remade the opening theme using Paint Program (I think? Because they have another event going on right now where participants draw an image of Mystic Messenger using the default paint program). The effort to make this… They redrew everything. It’s pretty funny, too, because they are all in silly poses. The chat content got changed up, too, as you can see in the image above… I’m having too much fun for April Fools this year. :’D

***Spoilers Under the Cut!***

The game now shows the image of Venus Zen! O_O No longer only his silhouette! Oh, I forgot to mention, it is Zen’s birthday today! Happy Birthday, Zen~ :’D (I am wishing a 2D imaginary character a happy birthday.)
Last, but not least, while typing this post, I realized something. Cardboard Ambassador 707… in the game he said he’ll try to sell his cardboards via internet…

And he really kept his word and is trying to sell it online… Online in the real world. GG. Cheritz planned this all along. The in game chat with 707 was meant to lead to today (April Fool’s Day), so that Cheritz can make that Twitter post…


Cheritz added a button called “April Fool’s Theme” in the Setting menu. When that is turned one, several things happen in the game.

First of all, if you play a new route, the opening theme will be the April Fools version. I showed a screenshot of it at the very beginning of this post.

Secondly, everyone’s profile changed. Here is Jumin’s profile. For the other characters’ profiles, please play the game to see them!

Not only did their profile change, the way they talk changed as well. More specifically, each character have an extra few words after each of their sentences. Here is a sample of what 707 said in text messages.

Notice that he said “…hehe…(omg!)” in both dialogue. Yup.

Not only is the text messaging affected by this change, the chatroom messages are affected by this change as well. Here is a sample of what Yoosung said:

It seems like only the original story (not DLC) is affected by this change. I’m currently playing the April Fools DLC, so I don’t really see these changes. I had to hop over to the original story to see these things before going back to the April Fools DLC. :<


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