Mystic Messenger – April Fools Update

I love April Fool’s. I like it not because of mean pranks, but because of silly things… LIKE THIS! Games that I play usually have an April Fool’s event that makes me laugh. Or it is just plain silly and fun.

Cheritz decided to give a special update for April Fools. I’ve played it since it got released and I’m really liking this update.


***Spoilers Under the Cut!***


Let’s first talk about the menu picture. I didn’t understand it at first until someone explained it. It’s a parody of “Birth of Venus.” :’D Look who is “Venus.” :’D

In this update, there is a full day of chats to play through. It’s not like the Valentine’s DLC where we only get to play through the visual novel. I also want to mention that there are a lot of texts in the chat rooms as well. It really kept me busy. Since I bought the RFA VIP Package, I have the MAX SPEED unlocked. I’ve used MAX SPEED for these chat rooms and let’s just say… my eyes were going to fall out at how long the conversations were… It was worth the hourglasses that was required to unlock this DLC. (I forgot how many were required, but I believe it was around 60-70 hourglasses.)

In addition to chats, we get an album worth of CGs. There are also the free talks. In the free talks, the voice actor said the lines written by the winners for the Valentine’s event.

Did I mention how handsome Zen looks in this DLC?

:’D … I need a full size image of that picture.

This DLC was full of 4th-wall-breaking material. It’s everywhere. From the beginning to the end. It’s so good… ^q^

… That last option right there… I… I might want that… :3 … I already have a character pillow of 707, but maybe I might want an upgrade to a full size… ;D ……

Did I mention that this DLC is… HILARIOUS??? :’D I found myself having so much fun since the first chat room. I was giggling at the conversations because they were so ridiculous and silly.

And then this happened:

I laughed so hard… Oh, Zen… :’D He takes so many selfies even as an object.


There were other funny moments, but it’s best to play the game and see for yourself!


I played this DLC so many times. It’s only 1 day of chats, but… I keep replaying… Let’s just say… I keep getting NORMAL ENDING… QAQ I found out the Normal Ending that I get is the default ending. I tried skipping chats for a day and that’s exactly the ending that I got. : / Then one time, after much effort of trying not to select certain options AND consciously selecting certain options that were related, I finally got “Good Ending.” … Once. I only got Good Ending once. I already lost count on how many times I played through this DLC. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was like 7 times or something. QAQ I’m trying to get the last ending. I’m out of ideas on how to get it right now. I heard that the last ending is a heart-breaking one. I’m very curious on what the content is. I did see a CG on it because it is all over Tumblr now, but I try not to read what the dialogue boxes said. @A@ I want to read it in game! For me, it is the hardest play through of this game. I’ve never encountered this issue with the regular stories. I usually catch on quick on which option I should choose. But for this DLC? Nope. I still have no idea how the options are different. They are all so silly, send halp. QAQ I’m actually not even sure how I got Good Ending anymore. I can’t get it again… *Sigh…* I guess I will just patiently try it a few more times…


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