Mystic Messenger – A Present From Outer Space by Cheritz

Here is a sneak peek of the next shipment~ As I mentioned many days ago, this arrived mid-March. I was distracted and didn’t get to post about it the day of.

Before you continue reading, please note that I am going to be posting pictures of the shipment content. There ARE surprises that come with purchasing the merchandise (content on flyers, notes, etc…) If you plan to purchase the items for yourself, I recommend you do not read further… unless you don’t mind spoilers!

There are 3 different things that I ordered in this shipment. They are (1) RFA VIP Package, (2) 707 Spaceship Cushion, and (3) RFA Dotted Mousepad. There are also flyers that came with specific merchandise, but since they were placed in one box in a random(?) order, I am going to make assumptions on what items belong in a group.

Here is a peek into the box…

I actually ordered this mid-February. The reason why it took so long to arrive was because there was an issue with shipment. Apparently, Cheritz sent me an e-mail regarding the issue, but it got registered as spam mail… etc… It’s a long story. Anyways, the issue got resolved, and the package arrived safely~ ^^

I’ve mentioned this shipment many times in different posts. Just for the fun of it, here are the links to those posts: 0 1 2 3 4 – So there were 5 mentions!

Another thing before I begin, I really like Cheritz’s attention to detail. The items come with little notes, flyers, etc. I’m sure those notes don’t cost much to produce, but it’s the detail that matters. I feel there is a lot of thought put into each item.

(1) RFA VIP Package:

I caved in and bought this thing… I figured if I was going to buy more hourglasses, I might as well pay a bit more for the extra goodies.

There is a warning on the bottom of the box regarding copying. I think this is specific to the CDs. The reason why I think so is because the CDs have the exact same words written on it. To be on the safe side, I’m not going to show the contents of the CDs. I’m only going to show pictures of the case.

This is inside of the box… Can you guess who wrote which message?

Here is my guess:

  • Jumin – Top Left
  • 707 – Top Right
  • Zen – Middle Right
  • Yoosung – Bottom Left
  • Jaehee – Bottom Right

I remember someone saying that Cheritz would discontinue this note on paper and place the print on the box or something. I’m glad they kept it on paper~

Here’s the lanyard, badge (with code), and a stack of their cards. I didn’t open the stack of cards, but I remember seeing someone else show it in a video on YouTube. The stack of cards is basically the call cards you see in game.

….. Okay. I will admit. My initial intention of buying this package was for this… Yes… I wanted the song so badly… AND IT’S HERE~! ^_^ It’s funny because by the time this arrived, I’m not listening to the song as much anymore. ._. ;;;;;; I still do, just not as often as when I reallllllly wanted it. :’D

I believe this is a recording of the voice actors free talk. There are 2 CDs in here.

They included a translation of the free talk for people who don’t understand Korean. THANK GOODNESS. I’m so glad Cheritz knows that there are non-Koreans who would love to buy their merchandise and listen to free talks of Korean VA. I’m glad they went through the trouble to translate this VIP package.

I have to be honest though. I don’t have the mood to listen to the free talks yet. I will in the future~

I actually forgot what the books were about. I got them mixed up. @_@ I just remember that the books tell character profiles and concept arts and stuff like that. I didn’t really sit down and read through them because there were so many things in this shipment that I didn’t have the time to do that. (*Cough*Taking pictures take time~ :P*Cough*)

Included in this VIP package is a Mint Eye bookmark. I don’t really have a use for this because I don’t read physical books anymore… but it’s a freebie, so why not? 😛 (I’m a pack rat, so give me all the merchandises and I’ll keep them like treasures.)

I found a flyer in the shipment box, but outside of the VIP box. I’m not sure which group this flyer belongs to, but I’ll assume it belongs to the VIP package.

(2) 707 Spaceship Cushion:

I wrote in a previous post that I bought my first character pillow… I was actually referring to this pillow! 😀 As mentioned earlier, there was an issue with this shipment. Although I purchased this pillow before the Kinlkeyl one, the Kinlkeyl one arrived first.

Anyways, enough with that~

The pillow came as separate pieces.

The pillow stuffing… (or should I say a blank pillow)… was individually wrapped.

The pillow sleeve with the 707 print was also wrapped in plastic.

They included a manual that goes with the pillow. Do note that it said we cannot refund or exchange if we opened the plastic. If you plan to refund or exchange… or if you see an issue with the product before opening it, don’t break the seal and contact Cheritz immediately!

I have to admit, it was a huge struggle to stuff the pillow into the pillow sleeve. I could actually see why Cheritz specifically warned on the manual that using too much force could cause tears… The issue was due to the hole being slightly smaller than the pillow… I had to really shrink the pillow to avoid the tears…

And… after successfully placing the pillow inside… TA-DA~! ❤ This is the front side of the pillow. :3 (Hehe, I’m hugging this pillow as I type this~)

This is the backside of the pillow! The backside is so adorable. I’m not sure why they didn’t include an image of this on the website. @_@

I need to mention this. I notice on the website that they displayed 2 different images of the pillow. The top image is the updated picture. The “sample” picture is outdated. Here is how you can tell: in the updated picture (the one I bought), the mouth is cresent-shaped, there is no cat doodle, and there are no Honey Buddha Chips.

The pillow comes with a surprise letter. The front of the envelop says “for you.”

The back of the envelop says “RFA Air” on a sticker…

When I opened it, I found this:

… A ticket to the Space Station! o///o It’s so adorable…

Then, I turned to the back… It was all fluffy on the front side, but this side…

Why do I feel like he’s referring to the fact that he’s 2D and the reader is 3D? ._. THESE 4TH-WALL-BREAKING MOMENTS… I like. BD

I also got a flyer.

I think this flyer belongs with the pillow? I don’t think it belongs with the RFA VIP Package because of the advertisement on the bottom left regarding the VIP package…

Anyways, I’m very happy with this product! There were so many fun things that came along with the pillow. The pillow is very soft, too! I’m not sure what material the pillow sleeve is made out of, but it is so comfy to hug… (Side note: the stuffing is polyester. It’s pretty hot, but after putting the sleeve on, it’s not that bad.) I also like the size… It’s a really good size for hugging.

I also like the fact that the background of the backside is a horizontally flipped image of the background of the front. I mean, look at this:

The 2 background images of the earth meet up. It makes the images on the front and back connect in a way. (It tricks my brain to think that, anyway.) I don’t get distracted by the background and it feels like it flows. (Yes, the earth isn’t quite a sphere now that it’s connected like this, but that’s not the point. The point is it doesn’t distract and I like it like that. :D)

(3) RFA Dotted Mousepad:

I bought the other two items and figured… I might as well get this, too~

It’s a light mousepad. I feel like they used a type of foam… I don’t know the exact term for the material, but I think I saw it in art supply stores. It isn’t the black rubber material with fabric on top. This mousepad feels more like… um… matte… plastic… thing…. on top of… foam thing… Ya, I don’t know how to describe it. :’D I’m sure if you zoom in the picture above, you can see the texture of this material. The bottom picture is a picture of the foam.

I feel like if I accidentally bend this, the crease will stay forever. It’s not the best mousepad I’ve ever had, but it’s light… so I might bring it with me to a tea shop or something when I use my laptop? +_+


Overall… I really love this shipment. The details really made it worth the wait~ ^ ~ ^


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