Yesterday, I was so happy about the exam results…

Today, I found out it’s not over yet… =o= ||| I celebrated too soon. I didn’t know there were more steps to this than the exam. I’m disappointed. QAQ

>_< It’s making me nervous that it’s taking so long… *Sigh.* I’m a bit anxious now.

It brought my mood down and I’m not really in the mood to write a lot today either. I just want to lay in bed and do nothing much… =_=

Throughout the day, I had these random bursts of confidence. I kept telling myself I can do this. Sadly, it doesn’t last long enough before I get a bit uncertain again. : / I guess it’s back to study time for me, so I can build confidence.

(I actually had other things I wanted to do and learn… >_< ; I don’t know how I am feeling about this… besides feeling tricked by someone, of course. >_>;;;  Speaking of tricks… I feel like I’ve been (randomly) set up by a certain 2 or 3 people for the past year or so… Hmm…)


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