Mystic Messenger – Game on Tumblr

I came across a blog on Tumblr that had quick slide show pictures. It was kind of like slot machines where you stop the image to see what option you got. It got so addicting… Here are some of the results I got. I used the screenshot button to get these results.

… 707 must have found a limited edition car. :’D Thank you, Jumin, for helping us.

This one made me laugh. So we went street racing… getting 5 years in jail… AND HE BAILED US OUT. I think we snuck out instead.

Whenever I got the option where I do something with Jumin, it kept showing that we got arrested for public intoxication… ._. What is with Jumin’s activity?? Thank you, 707, for helping us out and returning the favor to Jumin~

There was a lot more, but it would flood the post if I uploaded them all. That’s why I only picked a few samples to show. Try it out for yourself instead~ ^_^


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