Smart Doll – A New Friend Arrived

Yay~! 😀

I bought Kizuna from Fabric Friends & Dolls in November. The model of Kizuna they had in stock was an older model from back in 2015. This time I bought Mirai directly from the Smart Doll website for a discounted price. (It was 11% off because it was Mirai’s birthday! 😀 It is also why I kind of bought her in a rush. I wasn’t going to buy Mirai until way later…) I originally got Kizuna from Fabric Friends & Dolls because of the included outfit. The original outfits were a lot prettier. Now the new ones don’t come in the same type of clothes. The nice clothes need to be bought separately… including the hair… T_T

Anyways, there is a big difference in packaging and quality compared to the old version!

First of all, the packaging is noticeably different because it no longer have the Smart Doll’s face on it. I’m going to assume this is because the number of characters has grown throughout the years. Recently they kept releasing new characters. The old ones get a new skin color as well. There is too many variation that they probably didn’t want to bother making a bag for each character and skin color. There is also no more moekanji freebie card or character card. :< I wasn’t particularly collecting them, but it added a nice touch to being customized.

The bag is also no longer matte paper bag. This time it feels slightly a bit like fabric(?), but it is like paper, too. I don’t know how to describe this. It’s the type that seems durable, but can still rip. (I know because my mom just ripped a bag similar to this just recently…) Nonetheless, it is still a reusable bag. 😀

Now, back to talking about the differences. Before that, here is a picture of bald Mirai~

I don’t like the apparel set that could be ordered with the doll, so I saved money and ordered her without the apparel set. She still comes with a camisole and underwear! She don’t get shoes or socks, though.

Anyways, the body texture is noticeably different. The whole doll’s texture is the same as the bust piece. Let me explain. My Kizuna (a 2017 doll)’s bust piece’s material is different from the rest of the doll. The rest of the doll is stiff, almost like matte and plastic… but not quite. I don’t know the material name to explain this better. The Mirai doll (a 2017 doll) has flexible limbs and parts. Most of it is made of this material. It was especially hard for me to take off her arm to put her clothes on because it was so flexible… I just need to get used to this. This material is also a bit sticky, or should I say it has more friction. It is easier to grip with this material compared to the old one. I am going to assume they used this new material to make things easier to manage, such as, hopefully, durability?? I don’t know…

I honestly like the old material better, but that is just me. If I had to bring one of my dolls outdoor, though, I would bring Mirai. I feel like if I accidentally dropped Kizuna, Kizuna’s limbs would break, but if I accidentally dropped Mirai, her limbs won’t break… I THINK??? I will NOT test this out. ._.

Anyways, ordering this new version was definitely a different experience.

Smart dolls come with a stand. They gave the same stand, but this time they also included an extra piece in the same bag.

I believe that extra milk skin piece is for testing out clothing dye. Before letting Mirai wear any clothes or wig, I can test if the color rubs off onto the material. This is a good bonus because I’ve been afraid to let my smart doll wear anything too dark. Now I can try this without worry! 😀

Mirai used to have a free clip and braided hair. Now the default Mirai does not come with a clip.

I bought the clip… This is the clip that comes with the magnet. There is the blue gooey thing that helps keep the magnet in place. Just think of the blue gooey thing acting like glue. I had to open her head to place the magnet in there myself.

Also, her default hair is now the shorter straight hair. It is still considered long hair though, but not as long as her original hair. The first picture I showed at the top of the post is a picture of her braided long hair (aka the original hair).

This is how the short hair looked like in the package. I didn’t bother to open the package… I’ll open it when I find an outfit where I want to use this wig instead of the braided one. One idea I have is to use the beanie with this wig. It is better to use the beanie on this wig instead of the braided one, so if I mess up her hair, the braids won’t be messed up.

These are pictures of her braided long hair in the bag. There are 2 braids, one on each side of her head. Her hair is really long, I keep forgetting… I am too used to Kizuna’s hair length that I am having a lot of problems with Mirai’s long hair. ^_^ ;;;

Anyways, since I was buying something from this store, I figured I might as well get a bunch of things at once.

I was eyeing a white knit sweater earlier, but this knit sweater (rusty brown) became in stock. I decided to get this one, too!

It has a removable turtle neck piece. 😀 So if I didn’t want the turtle neck, I can take it off. I think the turtle neck is what made this adorable, so I kept it on!

Here is the off-shoulder knit sweater that I wanted. It comes with a pair of socks.

I also bought an extra pair of long boots. They were my favorite pair and I want both of them to wear it!

After I was done dressing Mirai… I had to bring Kizuna over to let them meet. ^ ~ ^ ❤

This was when I realized I could have let Mirai wear the extra necklace I bought ages ago~!

Ta-da~ They are wearing the same necklace. They are so adorable together~ ^_^ ❤

For some reason, I think Mirai’s make-up feels more noticeable. Maybe her blush… or her skin color. I’m not sure. She feels a bit more different than what I thought she would look like. I wanted both dolls when I saw a picture of the two of them together. They were very cute. However, I remember they looked like the same models. I guess maybe there were some changes made to Mirai as the years past, so she don’t look the same anymore? Or maybe my eyes are tricking me… hm… Oh well, I still like what I’m seeing now~ ^_^

AH! I just remembered. While I was moving both dolls to pose, I noticed that it was a lot easier to move Mirai to pose compared to Kizuna. Maybe the material actually helped with posing, afterall?

Off topic: March 14 is Chitose Shirasawa’s birthday! She is going to be discounted on that day. She’ll be 11% off, so if you wanted a Chitose smart doll, now is the chance to get her with a discount! Also, please remember about the time zone difference!


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