Mystic Messenger – Charms Part 2

This arrived last Friday along with another big shipment! +w+ I’m so excited. The items I purchased are finally here~!

This charm was the last charm I bought online, and it happened to be the 2nd one to arrive! 😀 That is because the store is in the same country. +_+ b

The store I bought this from was called Dee’s Secret Garden. I bought it as a bundle for the discount (meaning I got two 707 charms!).

A bit off-topic here: I noticed that the packages from these artists are so nicely personalized that they even give out notes thanking the buyer. This one in particular had flowers drawn on the package. I find the effort really cute. It makes me smile when I see these things~

The item came nicely bubble-wrapped. I’m sure the shipment would arrive safely, because it is a double layer bubble-wrap if we include the envelope’s bubble-wrap, too. Did I mention that they also included a flat cardboard AND wrote “do not fold!” on the package? ^_^

Here’s a peek at what is on the other side~

When I unwrapped it, I smelled something very nice. The Kerokerokeroppi paper was scented~

The tape reminds me of Daiso Japan tape. It’s very cute.

When I first saw the package, I actually thought the item was packaged by a company or something. :’D Then, I looked at it carefully and found out it was individually packaged by the seller! The package really reminded me of things I see in physical stores.

Here is the backside of it. It is also after I saw this that I realized it was packaged by the seller. :’D

The charm was advertised as glow-in-the-dark. I waited until nighttime to try it out. Here is the result!

Such an adorable charm! 😀


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