Mystic Messenger – 707 Fanmade Pillow

I couldn’t resist and bought a fanmade pillow. o///o ; I don’t usually buy this kind of merchandise and my first pillow I bought was… I’ll show it in another post… because that shipment hasn’t arrived yet.

Anyways… I personally love pillows. My bed is full of pillows. However, I never thought I would ever buy a character pillow in my life. :’D (Ya, I am embarrassed by what people might think, but I guess I got to learn to not care about people’s opinion on my hobby eventually.)

I am glad I bought this pillow. The artist is called Kinlkeyl. She opened a Tictail store to sell her artwork. Besides this pillow, she is also currently selling phone cases, t-shirt, poster, and Dakimakura. The Dakimakura has the same image as the pillow.

I placed an order for this pillow on 3/6/17 and it arrived today.

Here is the back side of this pillow. ////

This was the reason I wanted the pillow… I don’t know why (okay, fine, I do know why :’D), but I really like 707 in this shirt. Even when I saw him wearing it in game I was like 1000/10 *thumbs up*. This was the only fanart I saw with him in the shirt as merchandise. I had to get it. :’D Don’t get me wrong though~ I do prefer him in his usual casual clothes, but this helped me make the decision to buy~

Originally, I was going to buy the dakimakura. However, this smaller version was in store first. The dakimakura was not available until today. The pillow (the one I bought) is made in USA, plus it is not pre-order. This means I can get this faster. I didn’t want to risk waiting too long because of a certain event in April (I’ll talk more about this as time gets closer), so I went and ordered this immediately.

Anyways, the dakimakura’s material looks nicer! I kind of want it, but  at the same time I’m glad I didn’t get it. I am too shy for a dakimakura. :’D *1 minute later: buys it.*

This particular pillow is a good huggable size~ Do note that the material for this pillow is not the smooth fabric of the dakimakura. The picture above kind of shows its texture.


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