Mystic Messenger – Yoosung Route Good Ending & After Ending & Valentine’s DLC

Yesterday, I finished Yoosung’s route. I made it to the end! 😀 It was Good Ending, too!

I feel like Yoosung’s story was good, but I wasn’t as engaged in it because… QAQ I miss the other guys… It wasn’t fair to Yoosung, but what can I do.

I played the After Ending and Valentine’s DLC in one sitting.

I got to say… I was surprised!!!


***Spoilers Under the Cut!***

The youngest member in the group has an After Ending where it fast forward to after marriage! Go, Yoosung! I am glad he became a vet since it was his dream job. One could argue it was a dream job because of Rika, but if he decided to be one again, then Rika was not the only reason he wanted to be a vet. Anyways, it was nice seeing him get his act together. The picture above is so adorable~

This part was from the Valentine’s DLC. It made me wonder… did he sometimes consciously use a high tone when he was younger? It seems easy enough for him to change tones. :’D I got to say though, his voice is quite deep now. I am not used to it… ^ ~ ^ ;;;


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