This past weekend, I went with my parents to a Taiwanese store called Monja. They are famous for red grain pork.

They have a newspaper or magazine cutout in their menu to show their popularity.

Naturally, I ordered their red grain pork because I was craving for some of that good stuff. +_+ b I ordered it with soup + thin noodles because I was craving for something warm. I believe that this type of meat tastes best with rice, though~

I feel like this store isn’t too consistent with quality. I remember there were times when the food was very good and other times when the food was so-so. However, it was unique enough for me that I don’t mind even if it was so-so!

This time when I went, the food was great! 😀

I took a picture of what I ordered~ Please excuse the mess on the table and how the food is presented in the picture. :’D I gave some noodles to my mom and dad before I realized I didn’t take the photo yet. :’D …

I believe the red grain pork was fried. There was a layer of batter around it that I don’t usually see on other types of char siu that I eat.

I want to go back to get more… :< I miss it already!

Oh, I almost forgot! I ordered Guava Green Tea! It tastes pretty good~ Now I want to try out Guava Green Tea in different stores. It is a new flavor for me, hehe~ I felt adventurous that day~ 😛


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