Mystic Messenger – Yoosung’s Route Day 9

Originally, I was going to post a bunch of pictures and comment a lot… but I ended up taking too many screenshots that I became lazy to make long comments for each one… so I shrank this post…

I REALLY like the story script for this day. It was entertaining from beginning to end. So much screen time for 707 and Zen… ❤ Ya, I know this is Yoosung’s route… :’D I do think 707 got the spotlight today though… I mean… Ya… My bias view. :’D I am sorry, Yoosung…

***Spoilers under the cut!***

Spotlight shift because of this situation:

Anyways, the events that happened today helped me understand why there is such a thing as YooSev (Yoosung x Seven).

Here are some screenshots as to possibly why that pairing exists:

That was Yoosung in 707’s car. My MC called 707. That was why Yoosung was asking that question.

That was 707’s reply to Yoosung.

… : )

707 said “Jagiya” to Yoosung… : ) ……………..

The travel to the enemy headquarter in this route was similar to MC traveling there with 707. I know it was an important mission and all, but there were some cute moments 707 had with MC in 707’s route. That said, it felt like Yoosung replaced MC in that role… and that’s why the YooSev feel.

My MC is so not jealous of Yoosung.

Last thing I want to comment on is this:

Yoosung finally got to eat 707’s HBC! Congrats! He was even sparkling. :’D


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