Honey Butter Chip Shipment

The shipment of Honey Buddha Butter Chips arrived a few days ago. It came directly from Korea. I ordered on Amazon on February 10th for a grand total of $14.98. There are 8 bags, so it is $1.87 per bag. As I’ve said before, after I ordered this, the price rose. :’D I am not sure of the price right now because I found a physical market that sells this. I will just buy from the market to avoid shipping wait time and it is just as cheap there if not cheaper.

The box looks destroyed, but the chip bags are intact. I am guessing customs had to check what the content was, so they opened the box. I guess I can say the chips arrived safely~

For those who are wondering, I bought from the Amazon seller called NHeStore.

Ahahaha… My hype for it died down after I discovered the market and tried the first bag. I can say I am kind of addicted to it though… I usually finish the whole bag in one sitting. I notice this chip goes stale very quickly… : x Or I just got unlucky with that one time when I left it for ~2 days. It makes me wonder how Yoosung makes this last for a week…


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