Mystic Messenger OP Song

In January, I said that I was listening to Elsword: Lady of El OP/ED. Well, I thought it would last longer, but I started to have a new addiction: Mystic Messenger. It’s obvious I started to have this new addiction because the blog is full of posts on it…

I started to listen to the Mystic Messenger OP Song, “Mysterious Messenger,” probably after I finished 707’s Good Ending. I don’t quite remember. I am pretty sure I didn’t bother with the song during Zen’s route because I just wanted to finish the game or something… Until I reached the end of Zen’s route and I needed more of this game. :’D

My first impression of the song when I downloaded the app was… it felt like a typical anime-style song, and probably more towards this genre, too. It reminds me of an otome game series’ style… except I never played that otome game, but I watched the anime. I liked the song, but it feels nothing special at the time… I thought it was a very pretty opening theme and I had a positive opinion of the game just by looking at the opening song. I liked the style.

When I first heard it, I noticed the word “messages” and I thought it was one of those songs tailored to the series, which it was. That’s what a lot of anime/game series do. I didn’t know what the song was saying because I don’t know Korean, though.

What I’m trying to say is, it looked nice, it sounded nice, but it didn’t pop out to me to listen to it on repeat during the first few days when I played this game.

What got me into listening to this song was… I played 707’s route. I understood the story more. Then, I wanted to listen to something. By then, I was addicted to Mystic Messenger, so I naturally looked up Mystic Messenger opening song on YouTube. (I’m sorry, Elsword! D:) I also saw the song several times already, so that probably helped with my decision~ 😛

When I looked it up on YouTube, I read the comments. Someone said that the song was actually the point of view of one of the characters! It was a character singing to another character! @_@ That got me-you guessed it!-CURIOUS! I needed a translation of the song! I was so curious who was singing to who!

I found out there was already an English version of the song! However, English dubs usually sound different, right…? The lyrics get changed and the feel was usually different, right…? That was my opinion of the existing English dub songs… They gave me goosebumps sometimes. I’m sure there are many who loves English dub, but it wasn’t my thing depending on the series.

Anyways, I looked up the English version anyway, just out of curiosity. Then… I heard the voice… Wasn’t it the same voice as the Korean version? It was! The same person sang both versions! I was so touched and excited! I really liked the idea of having the same person sing multiple languages, whether they can pronounce words accurately or not. I just like the idea that the voice was the same.

Well… I had a hard time understanding the lyrics anyway because his accent was a bit hard for me to understand… I had the lyrics help me. ^_^;;; (I read the lyrics on wikia.) When I read the lyrics… I found out that it was 707 who was singing to MC! ❤ The dead giveaway was “you and me let’s marry in the space station.” 😀

After reading the lyrics… I feel like it made more sense… This whole time, whenever I hear the song, I never knew what it was about. But now, I see it in a different light. 707 was trying to reach out to MC since the beginning. : x He did sing “I’ve been watching you from the start.”

I got addicted to the song and listened to it at the office and while I was studying for my exam as well~ I liked the Korean version more than the English initially… However, I listened to both versions anyway~ 😀 I listened to it so much that I got used to his accent and now I can even sing along for some lines~ ❤ His pronunciation is kind of cute. :’D I used to like the Korean version way more, but now I kind of like the English version almost just as much as I like the Korean version~ ^w^ ~

I believe it might be around a month now since I started to listen to the song. I’m still listening to it! I’m listening to it as I type up this post~



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