Mystic Messenger – Yoosung’s Route Day 7

U_U ;;;

I am so not fair to Yoosung… I am sorry! Why am I apologizing to someone who’s not real? Even though I am playing his route, I am not paying attention to him as much as I did with Zen or 707 in their route…

***Spoilers Under the Cut!***

However, I like the chatrooms in his route. They are short and supportive… Especially Day 7, when everyone is trying to help him out with realizing the problem. Unless I missed it somehow or don’t remember, they tried to make him realize the problem without being intentionally mean about it. They used different ways to say it until he understands and they gave him time to think about it. This group feels warm in a different way compared to Zen’s and 707’s route’s RFA. I feel like the RFA in Yoosung’s route has a bit of trouble communicating, but their intention is very good despite all the awkwardness. :’D

They got Yoosung to finally realize the issue, and I am glad he is going to try to stop comparing my MC to Rika…

He even confessed!

… ._. Seriously? QAQ What is pre-girlfriend??? Not even in a romantic relationship, but still taken? Is that it?? Yoosung… Please… QAQ
On another note… 707 made my day first thing in the morning. ❤ I used 5 hourglasses to unlock the chat because I fell asleep before I could open it.

(Who took that picture of him? Me like~)

All of 707’s stories are so ridiculous, but entertaining at the same time. It really woke me up. :’D (I was playing this game first thing in the morning because I was lazy to get off my comfy bed…)
U_U ;;; Addiction too strong…

Feeling complicated because of imaginary guys… Take this for instance…

This is Yoosung’s route, so it doesn’t matter which heart I get when given these 2 options… In that case… who do I choose then??? QAQ Why is this game so hard to play… (Am JK of course…)

I picked 707’s choice because.. um… ya… Sorry Zen… I also know you healed completely. I feel like Zen is my MC’S first love, but she’s in love with 707 right now… That’s if I ever make a fan fiction of this which I am too lazy to type out. :’D Yoosung and the rest are… are… I need time to think this part through… =o= ; There is currently no good explanation for why she is trying to get into a relationship with them… I did it because I want to know the full story and collect chats and pictures… My MC probably didn’t want to do this though… |||orze Complicated situation commence…


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