Mystic Messenger – Yoosung Route & More

At the rate I was getting his hearts, I thought I wouldn’t make it to his route. :’D I had to intentionally not get hearts for others or I had to break hearts… QAQ Why, Yoosung? Why are your options so much harder for me to predict in Day 1 – 4???


***Spoilers under the cut.***

After getting his route, I started to make my MC “flirt” with him. I chose options that I thought would get his heart and didn’t put much thought into it. I mean, most of the time the choices feel too similar that I can’t tell what the subtle difference was!

This is an example. I was thinking that both choices would get a heart and in a way they mean the same. I mean, if he likes MC (and this is the goal of course), then both options make sense. The first option is hinting while the 2nd is more direct. It feels like the 2nd option is flirty, too.

Anyways, I chose the first option BECAUSE I REALIZED the pattern. It was a trap. QAQ Hanging out in Tumblr spoiled some parts for me even though I tried to skip some spoilers. I know that Yoosung’s bad ending had him be possessive and a yandere. Remembering the bad ending made me notice a pattern… My MC was being possessive when she was flirting… The options may have a subtle difference, but one is definitely more possessive than the other.

Ya… I made my MC flirt with Yoosung too much. Thank goodness it is still Day 5, so it should be okay… I think?

Yoosung’s route options are giving me a hard time… I didn’t even realize what I chose in this conversation until I saw Jumin’s heartbreak.

When I saw the heartbreak, I realized it was another “does Jumin Han is gay?” joke… =A= ||| Sorry, Jumin!

I am treasure hunting in this route. :3 (I am looking for anything that connects or builds on the story, mainly 707’s story.)

I found some foreshadowing or clue that would be explained when players reach the Deep Route. Precisely, I found this~

It doesn’t feel like it was significant when 707 mentions the floppy disk here. It was teased without the players knowing. :’D

Even though I am in Yoosung’s route… I get so tempted to get hearts from 707… > ~ < ;; It’s just so much easier to get his hearts… I mean,  look at this…

I got a heart from 707 by nagging him to clean his room… I didn’t really expect it at the time, but I was tempted to talk to him. :< I miss that precious tsundere…

707 made this game so that he can have his heartbreaks when MC doesn’t choose him. Instead, he should have made 5 routes of 707. To be fair, this game also gives him a chance to meet MC. 😀 I am talking nonsense now.

Yoosung, this game that 707 made already have a part that features us.

Cheritz released an update that removed the Valentine’s Day picture at the start screen. Now it is back to the original(?) one.

As weird as it is, I’ve never seen this picture in game before. I only saw it on the websites. I started playing this game during the Holiday season, so I’ve been seeing the holiday pictures~

I actually really like this picture, so I am glad they are using it for this update.

Oh, right. Regarding the heartbreak I mentioned in the beginning of this post… This is what I meant…

You already dated my MC and my MC misses you…

My MC broke his heart anyway… What my MC said was a lie. I promise she held back tears. I am looking at you, reset theory.

I actually remembered to take screenshot this time. That is why I talk more about things that happen while playing Yoosung’s route~


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