Mystic Messenger – Deep Route Day 5 Bad Ending


I did say that I was going to do 707’s remaining 2 bad endings, but… I was studying and didn’t want to be distracted by this game during the last few days leading up to exam day. I had already started Day 1 of the game and I just left it on… I figured I can try to get the bad ending for Day 5 instead! 😀 I finished my exam yesterday, so I have time to play now~


***Spoiler under the cut!***

I did join a few chat rooms on the first day because I originally planned to get the remaining bad endings for 707… which means I must first get into 707’s route. However, the morning of Day 2, I was worried about my exam… so I procrastinated on checking the chat rooms… and I eventually gave up checking them at all because I remember it was pretty time consuming without the max speed button. That was when I figured I’ll just get the general bad ending instead. It works out because I haven’t gotten a bad ending on Day 5 yet.

I spent most of today going through all the missed chats! It was a lot!! @_@ I never really noticed how much content this game has until I had to cram all the missed chats in one day. I spread it throughout the day because I was tired with a headache and I kept falling asleep… > ~ < ;;

Day 4 have 9% because of the mandatory chat room. It is the chat room right before a visual novel and branching (aka caution button).

I was worried that I’ll have to play Day 5 tomorrow. It seems like I don’t have to do that~ 😀 Day 5 already opened up because today is Day 5!

Anyways, when I saw the visual novel, I realized… I forgot that this wasn’t the casual route. It wasn’t the same bad ending that I was thinking of~ Which means I have to try this again on casual route to collect that route’s Day 5 bad ending!

Anyways, a little bit of spoiler content here because… :’D I giggled and 707 is precious.

He finally cooks something from scratch… but he’s making CHIPS?! :’D Oh Seven… I should have expected this. :’D

Oh wait, is this considered spoiler? It actually doesn’t say much about the plot, hm… Oh well… 😛 I guess the spoiler part is how I got this bad ending? Which was to chat room participation rate… : x


Now that I’m done with this play through… I’m really debating what I want to do. I know I said I wanted to do 707’s remaining bad endings, but I kind of… lost the motivation. >_< Whenever I play through, I tend to reread chats. I’m at the point where I memorized most chat rooms and I’ll go like “Oh, it’s that conversation again.” Sometimes, I even guess their next lines! I think this means I should go for more new content… I’m afraid I’ll get bored because I can predict the lines. >_< If I need to go for new content then… maybe I shouldn’t go for Zen’s Normal Ending either… Hmm… I guess I’ll play a new route and go back to theirs after? @A@ … This is more complicated than it should be… However, I would rather not get bored just yet… in case I stop playing and I won’t know if I’ll ever play again. : x

The question is which route should I play next? Originally, I would have picked Jumin by now. However, reading spoilers via social media made me curious about Yoosung and Jaehee as well! Now I feel those 3 routes are about equal… Who do I pick then… Hmm…

  1. Jumin
  2. Yoosung
  3. Jaehee


Ahahahaha… :’D Yoosung, I pick you! Because the Random God told me to! :’D … I’m sorry you got picked because of RNG, but at least you got picked!

I think this might be a good choice! First of all, I already know the chat rooms of Day 1-4 for deep route because of playing 707’s route for like a month… The last time I played casual route was back in January! The chat rooms should be less predictable, now! Also, I’m very curious about Yoosung’s Valentine’s After Ending! ❤ He looks smexy there, ehehehe… >///> ;; Shhh, that is not the only reason why I’m curious about this route! I got other things I need in this route! I need to confirm some… “theories”… that has been circulating the social media… I also need to collect 707’s pictures *q* … Sorry, Yoosung… Even when it is your time to shine, I still miss 707… I promise I will aim for Good Ending first, though! Or should I go for Bad Ending, because apparently Yoosung Bad Ending is quite… something… as well? Nah, Good Ending first!

Okie~ Now I’m set for another 10 to 11 days before I decide what to do next…


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