Finally… the cramming for the 25th is over~ I FEEL SO FREE~~~

I feel so free that now I don’t know what to do… I was so busy with studying for the past month that I had no life… Now I feel like I have so much time…

Aside from that, I feel so terrible. QAQ I had a full day to do nothing and I really didn’t do much… because I was busy sleeping in bed the whole day! I feel like I was unconsciously fighting away sickness until I took the exam. Then, after the exam, bam! I am getting sick! … I think? @A@ ;;; I had this massive headache that didn’t go away the next day… I hope I don’t really get sick…

… On another note… I think I bombed the exam… I have failed you… (Ambiguous “you.”)

Q~Q … At least now I know what to actually study for my next exam… (I got so lucky with my studying this time. A good handful of questions were spot on what I studied a few days ago~ 😀 ) I’m not sure when I’m taking another exam, but I’m not defeated yet! I will try again! >//o//<

Since I have so much time… maybe I can start… more… studying?! @A@ ;;; ……… I don’t know… Maybe… I do have plans for some things, but my motivation is dying. Halp…


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