Mystic Messenger- 707 Normal Ending

Finally! After I kept stumbling upon Bad Endings, I finally reached the Normal Ending!

This score hurts my eyes though…

Since I’ve been getting Bad Endings, it stretched 707’s route play time for longer than expected. It was longer than 11 days and now I feel very weird when I think about starting Zen’s route. I spend too much time in 707’s route that I begin to miss him. QAQ  (This happened before when I finished Zen’s route. It was also my first time playing~)

This time I have call card. This means I can finally unlock many new calls which I couldn’t afford (with hourglass) before. It’ll be exciting.

I’m not done with collecting Zen’s and 707’s stuff yet. Some photos are in other routes. This means I got to play the other routes, too… @A@ This is really a long game that I didn’t expect to have in my life! I DON’T REGRET IT THOUGH!

I also saw some snippet spoilers that I want to confirm… I feel like there is replay value in this game, which I think is a good game design~

Update: OMG… I just checked my save files… Apparently I finished Zen’s route on 1/22/17 and started 707’s route either the same day or the next day. It has been a month with 707 (excluding the 4 days of Christmas DLC… 4 because I messed up for 2 days. =A=|||)!!! No wonder… QAQ … This feels complicated… It’s way too complicated for 2D characters. :’D

Update 2: Okay… QAQ I give in. I’ll get the remaining 2 bad endings before I go to Zen’s route… You win, 707! (Although it’s not for good ending, but still… the spotlight!) It should hopefully also fit my busy schedule leading to the 25th… *COUGH* Oh yeah… I should be STUDYING. AHHHH!! DX


2 thoughts on “Mystic Messenger- 707 Normal Ending

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