Honey Butter Chips… Thoughts

When I first tasted it… I thought it was the weirdest chip I’d ever ate… It was sweet and salty at the same time. I had my fair share of salty chips, but something that was sweet enough to stand out… It felt like I was eating candy with chips.

After the first few chips… I noticed I grabbed more… Just because…

AND THEN… It was too sweet for me. =A= ||| The honey adds up and it was too much. I had to stop eating… I couldn’t stand it. I had it on an empty stomach, too. I guess maybe that was one of the problems. I don’t like eating certain sweet food on an empty stomach, such as candies…

But… soon after I stopped eating… I wanted more?!?! I craved for more?! @A@?!

This extremely complicated love-hate feeling with these chips! It makes no sense. :’D

Okay, I know I exaggerated a little (or not), but it really does have a unique flavor. Now I’m on my 2nd bag of chips (and this is day 2). I find that I enjoyed it more on the 2nd bag. Maybe because now I am more used to this unique taste of sweet chips~ (Also, I didn’t eat it on an empty stomach. =A= ; )

I am totally not addicted to these chips. I will never admit that a game got me addicted to some chips. Darn it, Mystic Messenger and 707! D: :’D

I am totally not obsessed with games. I am totally not obsessed with imaginary characters and imaginary stories.


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