Mystic Messenger – 707 Bad Ending 3

This time I tried to get the bad ending on purpose because now I know how to get them…

…Hm… This one didn’t make me feel empty like it did with 707’s Bad Ending 2… It just made me feel a bit… sad? QAQ It’s the “UH OH” feeling. TAT

Now with all of the bad endings out of the way (I think?), I can finally go to Normal Ending, right? … RIGHT??? QAQ … I feel like I’m missing something, hm…

***Spoilers for all 3 bad endings under the cut!***

I lowkey didn’t want my MC to be freed from that place just so she could… maybe… see 707 sometime… QAQ But that would make 707 more troubled. GG. THE FEELS FOR IMAGINARY CHARACTERS AND SITUATIONS…

So… in summary…

Bad Ending 1, MC is trapped.
Bad Ending 2, they abandon everyone for their own world.
Bad Ending 3, 707 is trapped.

Why is it that I feel the most empty for the Bad Ending that can be also seen as a “happy” or “hopeful” ending??? (I am referring to Bad Ending 2…) Maybe because I still think that “happy” or “hope” in Bad Ending 2 was fake because he was hiding a portion of the real him and trying his best to focus on being 707… It sounded forced for some reason even though he was smiling. (All his smiling pictures look the same, so I don’t know why I feel it was fake… @A@) OR MAYBE because I played and got Good Ending on the first play through and I know he wanted to be Saeyoung! MAYBE THAT’S IT! He even asked MC to call him Saeyoung in the Good Ending play through. That’s why I find it fake when he said he’ll be 707 forever.


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