Now the time is getting closer… I have 1 more week left until “THE DAY” is here…

I’ll elaborate more this time. In a previous post, I vaguely mention something about a fear… Well… To be more specific, that fear is related to what I have to do on the 25th. I have to take an exam on that day… This exam is very important to me. I guess it’s like… it’ll open a door to a totally new experience if I do pass it. If I don’t pass it… well… I’ll feel like I’m stuck and back to square 1… Sorry, I’m still being vague, but this is a sensitive topic for me. >_<

I’ve been busy and tired for the past weeks because I’ve been trying to study as much as I could before the exam. Yes, I’ve also had moments where I slack off (*cough*like maybe now?*cough*) because I need my breaks. =A= |||

I’m so nervous right now. : x I’m so nervous that I am getting distracted and doing other things that aren’t studying… *Sigh.* W-Well, I will get back to studying soon… After this post… Promise! ^_^;;;;;;

I did feel like I had to write my thoughts out today… : x

Yesterday, I finally found out what exactly they were looking for… Meaning, I finally know what to study. (I’ve been blindly studying random things that I think MIGHT be tested based on what it sounds like.) I found out the stuff I studied might not help for the exam. >_< The stuff they are looking for… a portion of it I never heard of…

Again, this exam is quite important to me. I hope I do well. The good thing is it is multiple choice, so I can make guesses. It is better than writing BS that don’t even make sense as an answer for things I don’t know.

… I feel I can concentrate better now… WISH ME LUCK~ 😀 I’M GOING TO GIVE IT MY ALL! 6 more days of studying is still something~ :3

I need a hug after this, dangit. QAQ ….. Or like gimme some Honey Buddha/Butter Chips… *COUGH COUGH* Am jk~


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