Mystic Messenger – 707 Bad Ending 2

… Another surprise. QAQ I wasn’t going to get the bad endings until I finish getting the normal ending, but… this happened… again. QAQ


***Spoilers under the cut.***


Okay, it’s confirmed that the chat reply options do matter for getting to these bad endings. It actually makes sense that it affects the outcome. What threw me off into thinking most of the options don’t give bad ending was because I got hearts even for the bad ending choices!

Once again, I wanted to collect the choices for Chat History. I ended up choosing a bunch of choices that ignored the current mood. 707 was stressed out from the situation and yet my MC went on to make jokes (my intention was they were jokes, but I felt the actual intention was more of a personality thing). Making one led to a second… to the point where I did realize I was making too many jokes that was obviously not fit for the situation. I wished there was an option to show that my MC was making those jokes because she felt uneasy with what had happened. Making the jokes was a way to mask her nervousness and sadness from 707 and everyone.

I was pretty excited to get the new photo and thinking it was normal ending that caused the photo to appear. I didn’t know that that photo was for bad ending. (This actually makes sense that it was a bad ending photo. I was wondering how they could calculate number of guests for normal ending if the story hadn’t finished yet.) Then the last chatroom came up and my MC was all like “let 707 have his freedom and leave.” That was when I knew for sure this was bad ending.

The ending content… I feel it isn’t quite the typical “bad” end. MC and 707 living life feeling happy every minute doesn’t sound bad! However, I felt a bit empty watching him run away… My MC was encouraging him to run away… Bad MC! >:c … Ya… okay, he will probably live with the 707 mask and feel sad deep down… QAQ

Also, the last sentence gave me goosebumps. He was just talking about death then he said he wanted to speed up the car… =A= ; Let’s assume nothing bad happened. This ending already left me feeling empty, no need for more drama at the end…

Now I am back on day 7 because I loaded a save file… GG. THERE IS PROGRESS to photo collecting, so not bad~


Side note… I’ve played his route more than once now. I still can’t seem to get used to it when he rejects MC… QAQ It pains me everytime when I read it. But like, he supposedly makes up for it by saying the opposite???

It goes something like this:

  • 707: it’s best if you stay away
  • MC: *feels a sting* / Me: QAQ
  • 707: just ignore me but don’t disappear from my sight
  • MC: okay… / Me: hey…didn’t you just say to stay away…
  • 707: *makes a phone call when MC disappeared to buy him chips* WHERE ARE YOU??? YOU NEED TO COME BACK!! RIGHT NOW!!!
  • MC: >_< Sorry… / Me: ._. She’s not staying away anytime soon…

And then the cycle of contradiction repeats.


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