Mystic Messenger – 707 Bad Ending 1

[Maybe insert screenshot here someday when I get it… Maybe not.]

Updated: The screenshot is in another post that contains spoiler. You’ve been warned, but if you still want to see it… click here~

A few days ago, I got 707’s Bad Ending on Day 7… It came as a shock to me. I was aiming for 707’s Normal Ending (Yes, I finished the Good Ending for 707! \o/)… QAQ … I’m not sure what I did to get this ending. I know I participated lesser in chatrooms, like around the 50% mark because I’ve been very busy. I remember I got very lucky and got 100% on one of the days (without hourglasses) because it hit the weekend and I was finally not nocturnal… So… Did the bad end really happen from only lack of hearts? ?_? I’m not sure! I also did something different around Day 5 or 6 to Day 7. I started choosing the other options available because I found out the options get saved in Chat History under Extra. The options I chose, even though it sounded like it would cause a heartbreak, actually gave me hearts…? At least the heart animation indicates so. @_@ SO I AM CONFUSED on what caused the bad ending. QAQ

Hmm… Actually, I remember something. I chose an option that accidentally cause a heartbreak on Day 7. (Now, this one was not intended! The option sounded innocent enough. D:) I think it was via texting 707. o_o ;;; Maybe that’s the real culprit!

Anyways, I thought it was a lack of hearts, so I went back to my saved file to open a few chatrooms to boost the heart gauge… The chatroom participation rate went from around 40% to 50%… and even had days well over 50% because I kept trying to reload save file thinking maybe it would fill up the heart gauge more… It still gave me bad ending, so I gave up. It’ll be a lot, a lot cheaper to just reset the game + using hourglasses on missed chatrooms than to repeatedly load a save file + using hourglasses to open chatrooms, hoping it’ll work. @A@

Hmm.. Okay. Now I think it’s really the heartbreak that was the culprit. QAQ … How much does 1 heartbreak decrease the heart gauge? Or another way to put it, how many hearts do I need to make up for 1 broken heart? @A@ I am so sorry 707 for breaking your heart! This game making me talk to 2D imaginary guys like they have feelings. :I I can’t be saved anymore. Still great game.

Also, another thing I noticed is that Day 1 is at 11% chatroom participation rate. The reason is because I started the game at night, but before midnight. Only around 3 chatrooms were available for Day 1. I wonder if this mattered? Like, maybe I didn’t get enough hearts because I didn’t have enough chatrooms to give me hearts? Hmm…

So… I’m replaying 707 route again. I’m trying to get the normal endings for Zen and 707. @_@ This will take a while. :’D The bright side is, I finished another route??? GG…

… Wait… I just notice that Day 1 is still 11%… GG… I HOPE THAT that really is not the reason why I got bad ending! Only way to find out is to play… >_>;;; @_@;;;

Ya, I’m still playing this game. So much for playing just one route. :’D I underestimated this game way too much! This game is lyfe.


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