Ain 3rd Path: Lofty:Wanderer & Apostasia

Ya… I missed 2nafish’s livestream again… I mean I joined late again… This time I was busy studying, so… DX I only have time to see a small part of it.

For those who are interested, go to YouTube and look up 2nafish. The stream is still on right now~ He is showcasing this path’s skills and combos~ (Etc.)

My brain is so burnt right now from studying that I can barely understand what’s going on on livestream. :’D


For those who are interested, Ainchase on Tumblr translated the job path story. I feel bad for Ain even though it was expected that this would happen. @_@


Also… I CANNOT UNSEE ANYMORE! How do I take that symbol behind Ain seriously anymore. QAQ … I will keep thinking Mint Eye from now on. U_U;;;



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