Ain’s 3rd Path

Ohhh! Apparently KOG announced this recently. I thought I was out of the loop because I am so busy lately. The path is officially released on 2/9/17.

Usually around this time I would be following closely on whatever info was released/found or whatever people guessed. QAQ I miss those times.

Warning: spoilers inside next link!!!
Anyways, the only other info I happen to come across was this. Thank goodness (I mean thank Ainchase :’D) that this Tumblr blog exist. At least I get info of things happening regarding the Ain paths through here when I am too busy to search Twitter.

I can’t wait! I wonder if I will be so tired and fall asleep during another stream. I would be sad if I did. QAQ An excuse to buy teaaaaaaaa to stay awake.

Edit: After staring at the picture for a bit… I feel bad for Ain. QAQ …


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