Happy Lunar/Chinese New Year~

Ahhhh! >_< Too busy lately… I didn’t even have time to post this. I had planned to post pictures of Kizuna in a kimono for this day, too. @_@;;;


I don’t have time to dress Kizuna up, yet. The old pictures will have to do!



The color wasn’t that great on Kizuna. QAQ I bought it from a shop called Doller. The shop picture looked great, but yeah… Just not on Kizuna. QAQ The quality is good, though! The fabric is thick/durable. The yellow fabric is shiny. It reminds me of the fabric used for Qipao/Cheongsam (or at least the ones in my area…). It was more than I expected for this price. It was pretty simple to put on, as well. 😀


I’m so sorry, Kizuna! QAQ I will let you wear your kimono one day!


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