Mystic Messenger – Zen Route Finished

I managed to get 16 guests to join the RFA party! This means that I managed to get Good End! 😀 I didn’t use a guide for this part. I actually thought I didn’t make it to 15 (to get Good End) and got like 13 or something. :’D Thank goodness some of the guests I thought wouldn’t attend actually did attend. \o/

The After Ending unlocked. The good moments were too short for me. D: It needs more.

Now that I finished Zen’s route, I feel a bit weird choosing a new route to play. ._. (I didn’t start a new route yet.) Ya, I know they are imaginary characters, but still. QAQ I feel like I am cheating. .____.

(I plan to play 707’s route sometime in the future because the options to say silly things is just how I like it~ I also heard he have a lot of plot spoilers. I need to knowwwwww~)


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