The Tiramisu Cake Hunt

I wanted Tiramisu cake so badly that I ended up with Tiramisu from 3 different bakeries… :’D ……………………. Ya, I went overboard this time, but my fatty conscious says, “Get more, get more! It’s not enough!” QQ

Each bakery have their own way to make Tiramisu. These 3 Tiramisu do not taste the same! You can even tell by the looks that they probably don’t taste the same.

What I like to do with Tiramisu is compare them and decide which one is my favorite. This helps me know where I should get my dessert if I ever crave for more~

So then, where did I buy these?

The leftmost cake is from 85°C Bakery Cafe ($3). The cake in the back is from MoMo Bakery ($2.75). The cake in the front on the right is from A1 Bakery Desserts ($2.75).

Which one taste the best to me? Can you guess? :O

Take a moment to guess. :’3

My favorite one is from… A1 Bakery Desserts!

This shop is fairly new in the area and yet they made the better Tiramisu. Why? It’s because I like my Tiramisu with the following characteristics: coffee cake, mascarpone ingredient, and soft cake. A1 has those three characteristics. The cocoa powder is a plus because it costs more than chocolate powder. It wasn’t confirmed they used cocoa, but just by the color, I’m going to assume it is true. Although, by the looks, I do prefer the looks of chocolate powder. (I actually don’t pay too much attention to this part… ^_^; So usually either is fine~) What went wrong with the other two then?


Lets talk about 85°C first.


Their mascarpone part of the cake… WAS SO GOOD. I really, really like it! I wanted more! ; o ; I would say it tastes even better than A1. However, their cake itself… it was so dry and rough. It felt very poorly made in that part. The mascarpone was masking this part… Also, the cake is not coffee cake! It is quite obvious from the color that it is a regular cake. I remember last year I bought cakes from 85°C and I absolutely loved the cakes, including the altered Tiramisu (it had cheesecake or something at the bottom). It was soft, it was delicious with every bite. However, the quality this time was so different… It was quite disappointing from a well known bakery. Sorry, I will go back to this place to try their cake again and hope it was just bad luck that maybe I got the cake that they made on their bad day or something.


Now, let’s talk about MoMo Bakery’s Tiramisu.

I know it is a bit hard to tell in the picture, but I’m pretty sure they used chocolate cake instead of coffee. Also, I don’t think they used mascarpone. While 85°C and A1’s mascarpone tasted similar, the one from MoMo’s does not even taste like anything close to those. I am going to assume that they didn’t use mascarpone, but used regular cream cheese or something… ._.;;; I couldn’t eat that “mascarpone” part after like 2 bites… The cake still sits in the refrigerator to this day (the other two were long gone~). The cake slice looks very cute and all, but… the taste wasn’t to my liking. : ( I don’t remember liking any part of it actually. Maybe the cake texture was okay, but I don’t remember and don’t want to try again. ^_^;;; Looks are so deceiving. D:

85°C storefront. They are ready to celebrate Chinese New Year~!

I didn’t take pictures of the other two stores. The other two stores were… too empty. I feel awkward taking pictures when places are too empty. ^_^;;;


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