Tenju Tea House

I ordered Cream-Topped Green Tea (left) and Jasmine Green Tea (right). The Cream-Topped Green Tea is my favorite in this shop! There is a bit of sea salt in the cream to give it a bit of a salty taste. It is pretty unique to drink salty cream with refreshing green tea. They even give instructions on how to drink it and it does make a difference. They say that when you first drink it, take off the lid and drink from the cup. That’s how you can drink both the cream and the green tea at the same time. (I personally don’t recommend mixing the cream and tea with a straw to make the liquid murky, but it is up to personal taste.) It is their 2nd most popular drink! The first one is Monk’s Blend. (Monk’s Blend is a bit sour, if I remember correctly. I don’t really like it as much. Because I rarely order it, I forgot what was in the drink…)

There are other shops who make cream-topped tea, but this place makes my favorite version. Let’s see… I remember Lollicup made it. I didn’t like it with their green tea because the two tastes didn’t go well for some reason. 85C (a bakery) also have cream-topped tea drinks. When I tried it… it tasted like whipped cream right out of the can from the market. It’s not bad per se (because I heard people rave about it…), but it’s not how I like it… at all. Tbay, another tea shop I used to go to, had a cream-topped drink called Hokkaido Milk Cream Green Tea. This is the only cream-topped drink I tried that has a sweet taste in the cream rather than salty. It might not be fair to compare this drink because they aren’t even the same type, but I am doing so because after drinking Tenju’s Cream-Topped Green Tea, I don’t really like sweet cream with iced tea. Unfortunately, the first cream-topped tea I had was from Tenju, so I’m comparing other store’s cream-top to this shop. Every shop have their own unique cream and tea, so none of the shops replicate any other ones. Since I love Tenju’s cream-topped tea to begin with, I find that most of the other shop’s cream-top weren’t to my liking at all. What I am saying is… it’s all down to preference and I am pretty bias. ^_^;

This is my all time favorite tea shop since… 2012… 2013… Okay, ya, I don’t remember. So much for being a fan. :’D That was the year I first discovered this little gem hidden in the plaza. They share the shop with a store called Champion. The outside of the shop would say Champion. The tea shop was pretty hard to find at the time, but nowadays, they leave an advertisement with a big picture of one of those cup of tea (as seen in the picture above) in front of their store.

What makes this place so special? Hmm… I have to say it’s the taste. Instead of being drowned by the sugar taste like many of the tea shops (boba shops) out there, I can still taste tea in the drink. I’ve never had a cup of tea from Tenju where it was watered down. This seems to be an issue with some of the tea places I went to in the past. I will admit that Tenju’s tea do get quite sweet, but there is an option to lower the sugar to like 1/2 or something. (I don’t really remember because I usually order regular sweet. I have a sweet tooth. O: ) …)

Also, I never ordered boba here. I’m no longer much of a boba person. (I used to be. :’D) I stopped ordering boba with every drink after I realized I love the taste of tea too much and I need more of it and boba is taking up space. :’D :’D :’D That is why, when I tried and liked their tea, I decided to just don’t order boba. I want more of the tea itself. So… simply put, I don’t know how they do with their boba.

Here is a disclaimer, this shop is not perfect. They have their moments when their tea isn’t the best it could be. However, I just love it too much that I don’t care. When they do a bit worse than usual, their tea just taste like other tea shops to me. When they do above average, their tea is so good that I end up ordering… a lot. ^_^;;;

This place used to be the cheaper option and tastier option compared to the other stores! Now, they rose the price to be equal to their competitors. T_T

Now, to talk about the place itself. It is an okay spot for studying. I don’t remember insanely loud music in the store. They have power outlets here. Here is the catch, though. This place have a limited amount of tables. On Saturdays, MANY TIMES I was left standing or leaving the shop after ordering tea because the seats were all filled. This place is packed during the weekends! Also, people do come here to have a chat with their friends, so noise level do go up.. sometimes (but it’s a pretty chill place).

I do suggest trying this place out! There must be a reason why such an obscurely located shop could get this many guests, right?

Here is their little station to get straws and napkins. They sometimes have samples out. This time they had Paris Sensation with 1/2 sugar. I really only drink regular green tea (+ Jasmine) or black tea (Earl Grey, Ceylon, etc.). I usually don’t drink anything else. I actually don’t like any other tea besides the usual ones I drink. I’ve tried other tea types to know I don’t like them. Now, straight from their website, it says this about Paris Sensation:

The brew has a full-bodied flavor from the black tea, fresh scent from the green tea, and light floral notes. You have to take a sip to understand this multi-layered flavor tea. Ingredient: Luxury black tea, Luxury green tea, Rose petals, Lavender, Natural flavors.

  • Off topic note: I noticed their website link is… messed up. When finding Paris Sensation, the link URL says it’s a food. Well, if they ever fix it, you will have to manually do a search to find Paris Sensation on their website.

I never liked any other tea, but I was able to drink this one. It wasn’t bad! 😀 The same thing happened when they had Chai tea samples. I really don’t like Chai, but the way they made it… it wasn’t bad! Yes, I really like their samples and hope they don’t ever take it away. :’D It’s the place where I get to try different tea in small portion, which lets me enjoy tea of different types when I usually wouldn’t buy them.

I was in a hurry, so I couldn’t take more pictures of this place. I hope to go back soon~ ^w^


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