This T-Shirt Quote

I think it is a good time to post this picture. This photo was taken in the beginning of December 2017. 😛

I bought this T-shirt a while back at Fabric Friends & Dolls. This was the last one they carried…

I find the quote as a helpful reminder for myself. I noticed I was constantly trying to persuade people that my thoughts aren’t wrong either and my thoughts matter just the same as theirs. It lead to more anguish when the conversation lead to nowhere and the group of people singled me out as being “wrong” and talking nonsense. The people who I tried to convince didn’t believe me.

It was frustrating as much as it was disappointing and heartbreaking. The more I thought about the situation, the more angry and sad I got. I even began to doubt myself when I didn’t need to.

Then, many months later, I saw this T-shirt. I knew I had to get this. Now, I am using this T-shirt as a reminder to let go and continue to believe in myself. Everyone will have their own opinions, their own views. Not everyone will have the same view as mine, just like I won’t always have the same view as theirs. It is perfectly normal and okay that this happens. Everyone is different and have their own unique experiences. However, in situations like this, I need to stand firm to my own belief and remember that I am my own biggest supporter.

Thank you Culture Japan for making this T-shirt~ XD


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