CrepeLuv/Crepe Love

I haven’t gone to this place in ages!!

This time I ordered: peach, kiwi, lychee ice cream, original skin, with whipped cream. I used to order strawberry, mango, kiwi, or banana combos.

I always either get green tea iced cream or lychee iced cream. It’s a must for me! (There are coconut jelly chunks in this lychee iced cream.)

However, this time when I ate the lychee iced cream, it wasn’t as great as I remembered. Maybe the Las Vegas one was so good that I no longer think the lychee iced cream here is amazing.

The peach they use are canned peach. It’s a bit disappointing, but I should’ve expected it.

The crepe skin… it is  my favorite! @_@ I am so glad I bought it! The crepe skin used to be $1 on certain days of the week. They stopped this promotion years ago. I’m an old customer.  😛


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