Mystic Messenger: Day 5 Branch

I made it!!! I didn’t get a bad end on first branch~ Yay~ I don’t need to start over just yet. :’D

Playing this game… my MC is not keeping a consistent personality. I find my MC rather scary in this way. When she’s in a chatroom with a bunch of people, it’s like “who will she go against next?” ._. One day she is friendly and saying agreeable things. Next day, she says the opposite to earn a heart from someone else. =_= ;;

It’s usually pretty obvious which option would earn a heart or hourglass. I need those hearts for hourglasses. ; o ; But I want to troll like 707, too… U_U

Oh, about the hourglass, it is beginning to get easier to obtain. Thank you spaceship and chips. (It’s also because I keep flattering the characters on purpose now…)


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