Pokemon GO

After a long hiatus, I managed to find time to play this game. The goal today was to go to an outlet that was closing down and buy a bunch of clothes on sale. However, we decided to play pokemon because we were on the way. We ended up taking several gyms (I took 5).

Nowadays, lesser people play around my area. It is easier to keep our pokemon in the gym for a longer period of time. 5 gyms would have been quite hard in my area a few months back.

After 1 of my pokemon got taken down, we went for more gyms. I ended up occupying 7 gyms total.

On another note, we went to Sam’s Club. It seems pokemon like that place, too.


My ditto ran away. ; o ; I want to catch one one day.


Oh, about the outlet, I managed to buy 9 clothing pieces for around $24~ It’s a good deal. ^o^


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