Mystic Messenger – Day 1

I had to:

:’D Those responses were great.

I finally finished Day 1 of the game. It took so long because it used real life time to schedule events. (2 AM event?! Lucky I am nocturnal!)

So… I found out this game wasn’t meant to be played for hours non-stop. I can’t tell if this is a good thing or not because there were activities in approximately 1 hour intervals (though the activities were short).

This game penalizes a bit too hard on missed events. Since it requires attention every hour or so, it is quite intrusive. Not everyone can respond to all the chatroom texts on time because of work, school, etc. Each missed chat needs 5 hourglass to unlock. It is optional to unlock, but still, this is a game and it would be boring to just read chats of them talking to themselves most of the time. FYI, it takes 100 hearts to get 1 hourglass. It is pretty hard to get a bunch of hourglass in one day. I don’t remember, but I might have gotten 4 total for day 1? That is after I turned in 200 hearts for 2 hourglasses. I can see it is probably possible to get 5 hourglasses in one day, but that only opens 1 chat. I tend to miss more than one (I’m playing day 2 now and I still missed chats).


The good thing about not playing the game for hours straight is I can do other things while waiting for the chatroom to open. *Cough*I can play Elsword while playing this game!*Cough*

Anyways, I’m curious how this will turn out, so I’m still playing~ Why do I feel like I’m heading straight to a bad ending? 


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