Elsword – Ain Job Path #2

What was sleep when there was live update on Ain job path #2 on Twitter and Tumblr???

My first impression when I saw the portrait of his 2nd job path was… he looked like someone from a dating sim game… o_o … Something I was a bit surprised(?) to see because I didn’t feel the rest of the cast had this vibe.

And then, Twitter filled with a bunch of picture of Ain = Idol (Ain using a mic on a concert stage, etc.). AND THEN SOMEONE added Rune Slayer (Elsword character who was named Elsword) to the picture. Now there are so many Ain + Rune Slayer pictures going around in Twitter. There are also a bunch of Ain 1st path + Ain 2nd path pictures as well. I wish I understand Korean to know what they are saying. D:


PS. Yay, his ahoge is back!

Update: Elsword KOG (Korea) made a Twitter post about this new job path. Here is the link.


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