Elsword PvP


As I write this post, I am queuing in Elsword for a PvP match (arena).

@_@ … PvP makes me nervous. o_o Waiting for a match makes me nervous most times, too. : x Thank goodness I was distracted for most of that 30 minutes, so I wasn’t thinking too much about PvP.

I’m nervous, so why do I PvP? …….. I’ll admit it is addicting even though it makes me nervous. (I get less nervous the more matches I play.) However, I want to get better. I want to get better at being aware of my surrounding and respond faster… I don’t play like a pro (because I’m not), and I don’t aim to be one. I just want to play for fun, and by “fun” I mean reach my mini goal. Some might say it isn’t fun anymore (for those who know about the current situation in Elsword). It’s true… X_X PvP changed. However, I find ways to make it fun again for myself, I guess. (I really hope they bring the new “temporary” arena from KR to NA. However, please make it permanent! @_@ I have a feeling that arena will be revived if this option is permanent.) I also find mistakes to be “fun.” 😀 I laugh at my own mistakes because I make some of the most stupid ones when I play this game (yes, I’ve aimed my hyperactive skill at a wall because the wall is my enemy :’D).


SC_ 2017-01-09 00-58-36-267.png

*Match got cancelled. I clicked on time, but I guess someone left it on like me and went to do something else.*

SC_ 2017-01-09 00-59-51-518.png

Timer got reset…

–Back to writing this post. U_U–

Elsword PvP is the only PvP in MMO’s that I will play competitively. Actually, I’ve always been quite scared of PvP. o_o I avoid them at all cost.

In this case (of Elsword PvP), I first PvP with people I know. EVEN THEN, I got extremely nervous… Even though it was a chill PvP match. @_@ Then, I was kind of tempted by a friend to join a match in arena (it is competitive here). It was 3v3 and it was very chaotic. That was when I found out that it wasn’t all that bad like I thought. The chaos pretty much masked a lot of my mistakes and people were just running around. I had no idea what happened. My friend didn’t either. 😛 Oddly enough, it was fun and not as scary as I imagined. That was when I started to play a lot of matches there, all the while I was still pretty afraid to play by myself. I always had to have at least one friend play with me.

Alright, skip all the rest of the rambling, and now I’m here, queuing by myself in a 2v2 less chaotic match…

Hm… so.. why did I even start writing all this? I DON’T KNOW EITHER. Oops, now my readers know I’m a scaredy cat. U~U ;;;


OHHH! I finished writing just in time for a match to pop up!

SC_ 2017-01-09 01-14-24-582.png

Yay~ Long awaited match!

–Back to adding extra stuff to post.–

And… we won! ^~^

1.9.17 ga pvp result.png

Upper left corner says “paused” because I got this screenshot from a video. I usually video record my matches. (I use in-game recorder for those who are wondering.) I do this to see all the mistakes I made and to learn from it~ Remember, I don’t always notice everything when I play games. U~U (PS. It is fun to figure out why some weird outcomes happen! *COUGH*THAT ONE VIDEO I HAVE… My team won with crazy luck and probably left everyone confused. It was a 0-3 turned into 4-3.*COUGH*)

Okay, I should stop writing here before this post becomes even more confusing than it already is because I covered too many different things at once. ;P


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