Elsword Moments

I still have moments when I get a bit sad… It was a tough day in that sense…

And then I pulled myself together and used a distraction from lyfe called Elsword. THEN THIS HAPPENED:


Today was a great day! WHAT TOUGH DAY?! :’D Ahahahaha! My GA luck is OP and I have witnesses.

Okie, jokes aside, I’m grateful that after getting this enhancement, it got broadcast in the game’s chatbox. Then, a stranger had a little chat with me and I felt a bit better. : > It’s those little moments that makes a difference.

*Sigh.* It’s 2017! I need to pull myself together! X_X

(Elsword is having an enhancement event right now and giving out free materials to help people enhance their equipment. I used the free material to get from +9 to +10, but it still requires luck to be successful. Maybe I’ll explain what “GA luck is OP” at another time… MAYBE… or never.)


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