Yesterday, I was playing through an old Christmas game I made. The game was made via RPG Maker VX. It really brought memories and got me thinking… a lot of things…

I used to be very passionate about making games… I feel I’ve lost that feeling for a while now. It’s quite frustrating. It was something I did with a lot of effort… a lot of time… I actually do know exactly why I’ve lost that feeling on making games. Sadly, the problem is something I cannot fix, at all, no matter how much I try to or want to. It’s also the reason I was so depressed for at least a good 6 months in 2016, which was also a reason I had insomnia for that long as well…

Since that problem is out of my control, the only way to feel excited about making games again is… I guess… I need a new reason for making them. That, or I just give up altogether and find something new to do.

Even though I say find something new, I feel it’s a bit of a pity. I saw what I could do with making games, and how much I loved it. I guess I’ll just find a new reason to make games… or just go with the flow.

… @_@ It’s a new year! New opportunity awaits!

Wait… it… is a new year… ………….. >_>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

I should be studying….. O_O ; I have some online courses I wanted to take on game making. I got them around November or December and I haven’t started it yet… OMG… I NEED TO GET MY ACT TOGETHER! @_@

I guess I should camp at my favorite tea place and study. This sounds so familiar… This sounds like something I said back before I was in super depression… Like maybe… in… June… Eheh… Ehehehehe… ^_^ ;;;;;;;;;;;;;


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