Kizuna Ready For the New Year

Alright, take 2! Kizuna is now ready for the new year! Sadly, I didn’t realize her kimono wasn’t fit for New Year. I didn’t even buy the kimono for New Year, actually. Luckily, I bought some winter clothes for her and now she can wear it to start off 2017! She’s all ready for more photos~ (She got her own camera, maybe she wants to go out to take pictures. o_o I wonder if I will bring her out one day…)

So… about this outfit… I originally planned to knit a scarf for her to wear with one of these winter outfits. However, after buying the yarn, I found out I didn’t have thin needles for knitting… I THOUGHT SOMETHING LIKE SKEWER STICKS WOULD WORK… DX ….. QQ …. Okie, ya… The skewer sticks failed me and ruined the fiber… ; o ; I felt so smart.

Now to talk about the clothes she have on…

I bought this coat/dress online. The store name was called City Glimmer. The quality… well… for the price I bought it at, the quality disappointed me. I thought the pockets were real. X_X They were actually holes… I guess it was okay for pictures, but it was sad when I inverted the dress to look on the inside. There were threads sticking out here and there as well.

The big problem I had with this dress was the bottom of it. It was supposed to be a 2 layer dress. However, it arrived as shown in the picture. I never ironed it. This made it hard to see the double layer at certain angles. In short, I felt it was a bit sloppy for a coat/dress at this price. It wasn’t ready for use right out of the bag and required a bit of fixing. I got lazy, so I didn’t iron it or fix it. Sorry Kizuna.

The next item I want to talk about is her necklace. I bought it online at a store called Figuredolls. For the price I bought it at… I HAVE NO REGRETS. It was so pretty and just the right size for my Smart Doll. The only concern I had was whether it would leave a stain or not. I let my Kizuna wear it for at least a week now (I didn’t take it off since Christmas) and it seems to be fine so far.

The last item I want to talk about is the camera. I bought it on Ebay. The store was called PinkFantasy. The item name said [wamami], so maybe that’s the actual company that made the camera? I’m not too sure myself. Anyways, when I received the camera… I found out that it was actually a flashlight as well! Quite interesting and unexpected.


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