Factory Tea Bar

I’m a tea addict. :3

Today, I went to Factory Tea Bar for some delicious green tea. I haven’t been here for a few months myself and I had several stamp cards stashed away. I took this opportunity to use all the stamp cards and also ordered an extra green tea~

Here are the tea names from left to right: Green Tea, Almond Milk Green Tea, and Nom Nom Green Tea.

Their regular green tea is pretty typical. It’s on the sweet side and nothing special. However, I do order it when I don’t feel like spending too much. It is only $3 compared to other tea places around the area for a regular green tea ($3.25~$4.75). (FYI, I don’t usually count Quickly’s, Lollicup, and Tapioca Express when I compare places like Factory Tea Bar. However, in this case, I think Lollicup’s green tea at the mall is more expensive by a few cents.)

The Almond Milk Green Tea is one of my favorites and I don’t know why. I just like the taste. I believe they use powder almond or something for flavoring. I know some places use a syrup kind for almond flavor and I can’t stand the weird taste. I do notice that I like different kinds of drinks for each store.

The Nom Nom is their store exclusive drink. It is pretty sweet and I think they use brown sugar for it. I get this on days when I want something sweeter than the other two drinks.

Anyways, ya, 2 of the drinks in the picture are mine, hehe. Yes, I have a sweet tooth. 😛

As for their stamp card system… They are pretty generous with the stamps. I don’t know why, but this time I claimed 2 free drinks and bought 1 drink. I got another 3 stamps from them…? I never really understood their stamp card system, but I just know I don’t get the short end of it unless we (cashier and I) both forget to get the card stamped. Also, they only require 9 stamps to claim a drink. This means that by the time you get your 10th drink, your 10th drink is free. This place only has one size cup, which is a large size. This means that your free drink is also a large size! 😀 I believe if you want boba in your free drink, they require you pay like $0.50 or something. I don’t usually order boba, so I don’t remember~ (I’m also not sure if they change up the system, but this is how I know it.)

The atmosphere of this place is… casual. They made this store have a beach theme. I’ve been here several times throughout last year and I notice they like to change around their store furniture a lot (either by moving them or completely using a different chair/table). o_o Today, the store looks different again.

This is where I sat. 😛 I felt a bit awkward taking pictures, so the image is a bit blurry because I tried to take them quick. :’D

They like to blast music here, so I don’t recommend this place for studying. Also, the place is pretty dim… It’s a pretty good place for chatting and chilling though.



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