Happy New Year!!! (2017)

It’s a new year! Goodbye to 2016~ It was such a rough year for me. X_X So much sadness in that year, but now it is gone. I hope the bad luck and bad things go away with 2016 and the new year and future is full of better things and good luck~ 😀

Alrighty, I wanted to post a picture of Kizuna, but… Elsword… ; o ; I want 4 level 70 Ain by midnight because of double EXP event, but it isn’t happening. T_T Oh well… (Trying to level as much as I can right now.)

I’m going to dress up Kizuna for the New Year~ Her butterfly kimono arrived on time! o_o I expected mid-January or something, but it arrived a few days ago. Such timing! I took a peek at the contents and there were many pieces. I think it’ll take a while for me to dress her up. 😡 So then… I’ll do that tomorrow! FOR SURE! (Actually, I’m not sure if that kimono is fit for this occasion… Maybe I should postpone it… Hmm.. I’ll think about it… She has another kimono, but the color… I didn’t think it would look that weird on her. X_X)

Okie, back to Elsword… Ain calls… Grinding dungeon while drinking fruit tea that I made along with some assorted chocolates. (What will I do without fruit tea to keep me hyper? :’D)


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