Elsword: Lady of El OP/ED

Hmm… I haven’t watched anime in a while… I haven’t listened to anime songs in a while as well… So I decided to listen to these two songs from the Elsword anime~ They are called “Runner’s High” (opening song) and “Reunited with Hope” (ending song). First song I don’t know the singer’s name. The second one is by 은토 (Eunto). 😀 By the way, Elsword Korea (KR) website posted the YouTube link for the songs. I reused those links, so it should be fine to listen to them on YouTube! :O

Anyways, FIRST 2 SONGS OF THE YEAR THAT I LISTEN TO! MUAHAHAHAHA! (Sorry, I had to say it. :’D Its something I do every new year. :’D) Listening to these two songs really make me feel nostalgic about anime and why I love listening to anime songs or love watching anime. I’ve had these songs on repeat for the whole day of yesterday and today. o_o Let’s see how long I can last with only these 2 songs on repeat! (I do have high tolerance of repeating songs. ^_^ Especially with songs I really like~) I wish there were lyrics for me to read, so I can sing along. D: I can’t read Korean! @_@ That’s the only thing bugging me right now regarding songs…


2 thoughts on “Elsword: Lady of El OP/ED

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