​Ahh… Now I remember why I created the games page awhile ago… I wanted to post about Elsword.

Elsword is an online side-scroller game that is based on the idea of “play your manga.” I’ve played this game since 2012 and it’s been my go-to online game for years. (Previously, it was Ragnarok Online, also known as RO, that was my go-to game.)

Elsword have its ups and downs. I’ve been around long enough to see many big changes to the game that makes it different than how I once knew it. Even so, there is something about the game that made me stick around for so long that now I want to stay until the game ends if possible.

Welp, the game isn’t ending anytime soon though, which is great. 😀

They recently added a new character called Ain. +_+ He’s the first male character that I’m hyped about during character release! XD So far, only the first job path is released. From the previous trend, there should be 3 job paths to choose from. The first job path doesn’t interest me too much, so I am waiting on the other 2. I got overhyped that I made 4 Ains instead of 3 because I want a base job Ain… :’D Bishounens OP.

(There is just so many things going on at the same time. I made the game page earlier, but I  didn’t post about the things that happened during the time… X_X Now it’s just a long list…)

Besides the new character release, Elsword finally got its own anime (well, Korean animation, I’m not sure what to call it)!!! The anime isn’t a full 24 minutes long because of budget. From what I know, the company decided to use marketing money to make anime as a form of advertisement for their games. The money was split up to make 3 different game anime, so I’m assuming that’s why the anime is that short. The first episode was premiered on Saturday 12/10/16 in Korea. Soon after the premiere, the raw video was posted online on the game’s website. Right now, only episode 1 is out.

I saw episode 1. I was very impressed by the drawing. (Elsword, the main character, looks great!) I had the impression that they had a low budget, so everything/everyone would look ugly, or something. I was proven wrong on the drawings part, at least. The plot though… I expected it to be like this, so I wasn’t too bummed out. It’s also just episode 1, so I hope the story picks up soon. I wouldn’t recommend this anime to people who never played Elsword because there isn’t much of an introduction to know what is going on. I feel this anime was targeted more at players who used to, or still is, playing the game. The players have been asking for an anime and here it is now. I am glad I stuck around to see this happen. ^_^ *Cough*Now where is my episode 2?*Cough*

The last thing I want to mention about Elsword is… THEY FINALLY HAVE A MERCHANDISE STORE?!?! More specifically, THEY ARE SELLING ADDROID (Add + nendoroid; Add is an Elsword character)?!?! From how I understand it, it is Korea only and it is part of the premiere event. The store will only open for a few weeks…. ….. QQ! I want to buy that Addroid! T_T I hope they will try to sell merchandises in North America (NA) in the future…


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