First Extra Wig

I bought a lavendar colored wig just for fun~ It arrived today.

When I opened it, it hit me that not all stores pack wigs nicely like Danny’s shop does.

Internal screaming! DX For a newbie like me this is a nightmare! X_X

Omg… I need to really learn to fix wigs…

Anyways, I bought from an online shop called IDollWigs#2. This wig is size 9″ – 10″. It doesn’t fit snuggly┬ábecause it is not the right size for Smart Doll. The wig also looks like it has lesser hair in the back…? It doesn’t look like the original picture. The bangs feel a bit uneven. The upside is that the wig is softer than Kizuna’s legacy hair wig. The wig is fairly cheap, so I expected some downsides. I’m glad the color shade looks okay. It is more purple than the image, and I expected the color difference.

I’ll play with the wig more before I say anything else. So far I am satisfied with the wig for its price.


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